The mid-term elections are in full throttle and a lot is on the table. For President Trump, if the democrats retake the house it could make it difficult, if not impossible, for him to pass through laws on a whim. The democrats could likely attempt to undue the tax cuts he and the GOP passed through late last year; Trump said he would veto any efforts to do so, however. It could also be symbolic. If it will likely be seen as a referendum on whether Trump’s rhetoric and policies to help the wealthy actually resonated with the public.

Former President Barack Obama also has a lot at stake. Trump’s presidential victory was likely a referendum on his failed policies as president. The Democrats have been scrambling ever since to explain why Hillary Clinton – who championed Obama’s policies – lost. They have hung their hat on “The Russians did it,” but there is still no evidence of any collusion between Trump and the Russians. If the republicans maintain a majority presence in the Congress during the mid-term elections then it could make Obama and his time as president a permanent after thought. The former president was in Illinois last week stumping for the democrats and he did not hold back his vitriol for Trump.



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