Sunday’s mass shooting at an EA Madden Sports NFL 19 video game tournament in Jacksonville left at least three dead and several injured. The “Jacksonville Killer” has been identified as 24 year-old David Katz of Baltimore, MD. Apparently, “Bread” Katz got so angry after being eliminated early in the tournament that he took out a gun and murdered “TrueBoy”, the opponent he had just lost to.

I understand that gamers tend to be loners and out of touch with reality. They are not real NFL coaches or athletes, yet they think they are. Who takes out a gun and shoots someone after losing in a videogame? How does EA Sports vets these contestants and what type of security was available, if any? In a real big time sporting event there would be security to help keep order, and keep people safe. Vetting contestants and providing security could become major issues for EA Sports going forward. In the following video EA Sports commentators describe Bread Katz:



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