Funkmaster Flex is doing it big for the culture again. Mumble rap has dominated the Billboard charts, and seemingly made lyrical rappers an afterthought. For years it has been an honor to freestyle with Flex at NYC’s Hot 97. For rappers to be legitimate – to “show and prove” – it could be paramount to get in the phone booth with Flex. It used to be that getting a record deal was the pinnacle. Anybody can get a deal now, regardless of their ability or inability to spit bars.

Not everyone can pass Flex’s gaze. Black Thought of The Roots dropped an epic freestyle late last year, and come are ranking it with the greatest of all time. The Shock Exchange believed Black Thought may have given a backhanded diss to Shock Exchange: How Inner-City Kids From Brooklyn Predicted the Great Recession and the Pain Ahead – arguably the greatest economics book ever written. Lost In Vegas confirmed the diss during its reaction video to Black Thought’s freestyle.



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