Trump Threatens To Suspend NFL Players Over Anthem Protests

President Donald Trump

The NFL season is starting again and players are still engaging in silent protest during the National Anthem. I understand some players knelt during Anthem, while others stood with raised fists or remained in the locker room. The protests are attempting to shed light on police brutality and overall inequality in America, and it has gotten the dander up of President Donald Trump, NFL owners and millions of white people across the country. That likely means one thing – the protests must be working.

A few days ago President Trump threatened the players with suspension without pay if they refused to stand proudly for the flag.

The NFL is a huge platform, and the world is watching. The protests only sheds light on some of the darkest corners of the nation, and that democracy does not work for everybody. How the president can personally see that players are suspended remains to be seen. Why he would make suspending football players his number one priority also raises other questions. This debate likely will not end anytime soon. Trump And The Global Economy (“Trump And The GE”) recently debated this issue (amongst others). Look for video footage on Trump And The GE Youtube channel which will be out shortly.



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