Top 20 Stars Who Should Attend Trump And The GE: #20 Donovan Mitchell

Donovan Mitchell of the Utah Jazz

Trump And The Global Economy (“Trump And The GE”) is on again for Wednesday August 8th in Forte Green Brooklyn. It appears that every athlete, artist, and entertainer wants to “resist Trump.” We need the best and the brightest to speak for us, but they must be informed. How better to be informed that to get fed by professionals who are part of the economy, or have spent careers explaining politics and economics to the masses.

Utah Jazz rookie Donovan Mitchell recently went in on Trump for insulting the intelligence of LeBron James and Don Lemon.

Mitchell also had Colin Kapernick’s back after EA Sports removed his name from a Big Sean song on the Madden NFL 19 game.

Mitchell spoke loudly during the NBA season, leading the Gordon Hayward-less Jazz to the playoffs, and nearly winning Rookie of the Year. It seems like Mitchell has a lot more to say. We would not be surprised if he added his voice to Trump And The GE Wednesday.



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