Mr. Steal Your Scene? Kendrick Lamar Debuts On Power

Kendrick Lamar steals the show on Power

Kendrick Lamar is universally known as the greatest rapper alive right now. Drake has a female fan base as long as train smoke, so he out-sells everybody. Drake also sings a lot so he hits the hip hop and R&B genres. However, Kendrick has bars for days, which gives him him the number one spot. J. Cole is also in the mix, as well as Pusha-T who made Drake “go get his own switch” on The Story Of Adidon.

That being said, who knew Kendrick could act also? He had a guest appearance on Power last night where he played a crackhead assisting Kanaan (50 Cent) hitting back at the Jimenez crew. I won’t spoil it for anyone because the official episode comes on tonight.

Power is the Shock Exchange’s favorite show on television. It’s giving us more cinema this scene and its has slowed down the pacing so every episode … every scene takes on a heightened sense of importance. Big up to Power for putting Kendrick in the mix. That was a nice change of pace.



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