The country is still in state of shock after 18 year Nia Wilson and her sister Lahtifa, 26, were attacked by a man wielding a knife as they exited the BART station in Oakland Sunday. Nia died from the attack, while her sister must live with horror of that fateful night, and seek the courage to go on with Nia. the killer, “The Coward” John Cowell, is a 27-year old convicted felon currently out on parole. His family claims Cowell is suffering from bipolar disorder. However, African Americans would all it racism. Of all the people in the BART station he happened to pick two black women at random?

The bay area, in particular, is in mourning over the senseless killing. The Oakland community had a vigil for Nia earlier this week. A white man from the white supremacist organization, “Proud Boys”, was on hand to troll those in attendance. He picked the wrong time and the wrong place.



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