Trump And The Global Economy is a quarterly speaker series that gathers economists, politicians, economists, athletes, and entrepreneurs to discuss the impact of President Trump’s policies on the economy and the community. The precursor the event, Prince Edward County And The Global Economy, was orchestrated by the Shock Exchange and his high school classmate, Darryl Johnson, at Hampden-Sydney College in 2016 just before President Trump was elected. It went extremely well so the Shock Exchange brought the speaker series to Brooklyn.

The first event was July 2017 and featured Ralph Baker (Shock Exchange), Wuyi Jacob (AfroBeatRadio), Reverend Conrad Tillard (Activist) and John McLaughlin (McLaughlin & Associates). John explained how he predicted Barack Obama’s presidential victory in 2008 and Donald Trump’s victory in 2016. This arguably makes him the top pollster in the country. Below McLaughlin explained the star power of Barack Obama.



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