The Cleveland Cavaliers and Indiana Pacers came into Game 3 of their Eastern Conference playoff game tied 1-1. The Pacers and Victor Oladipo shocked the Cavaliers in Game 1, and the Cavs’ defense was practically non-existent. In Game 2 LeBron came out aggressive, scoring 16 points in the first quarter. The Kang hung 46 points on the Pacers. What gave the Shock Exchange pause was that despite The Kang’s aggressiveness early the Pacers were down by single-digits late, and the game was not out of hand.

In Game 3 “LeBron And The Pips” had a 17 point lead at halftime. The Pacers held them to 12 points in the third quarter and 33 points in the entire second half. Anyone who only scores 33 points in a half doesn’t deserve to win and LeBron And The Pips didn’t. The Pacers withstood a mini-comeback to win 92-90. The entire second half LeBron And The Pips showed no life on defense and looked shook on offense. Other than The Kang and Kevin Love no one looked aggressive. LeBron finished with 28 of the team’s 92 points.



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