Pop star Taylor Swift did a cover of Earth, Wind & Fire’s September and the song debuted at #1 on the pop and R&B charts. Swift was already a country music star when she was dissed on stage at the MTV Awards years ago. Post-Kanye all of white America – country, pop, rock & roll – has been riding for Taylor. They not only came to a white woman’s honor but wanted to put a black man and his place, and it worked. Taylor Swift is now a megastar – she outsells BeyoncĂ© and when she took her music of Spotify and other streaming services it took Apple to the core.

I first discovered Earth, Wind & Fire in the 1970s when my cousin China would play all of their songs in the front yard. She spun records on her record player and we sang along to the Commodores, Parliament, LTD, Ohio Players, Natalie Cole – as quiet as it’s kept Natalie Cole had one of greatest albums of all time – all bangers and everybody’s still sleepin’ on her. It seemed like Earth, Wind & Fire was competing with The Ohio Players for the best band back then. September was a great song, though The Reasons with Phillip Bailey singing lead was my favorite.


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