Dirty ZaZa Tried To Break Russell Westbrook’s Kneecaps

Dirty Zaza "accidentally" launches 275 pounds across Westbrook's knees

The Golden State Warriors took on the Oklahoma City Thunder Saturday night and the game was as entertaining as expected. Kevin Durant left OKC for the Warriors two last season and helped secure his first chip. Bad blood still lingers with his old team. Carmelo Anthony and Durant got into a mini-scrum and had a stare down. OKC was down 45-52 at half time but the Warriors outscored the Thunder 60-35 in the second half in route to a 32 point blowout.

With just over two minutes left in the third quarter “Dirty Zaza” Pachulia reared his ugly head; he tried to take out Russell Westbrook’s kneecaps and end his career.


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