Jamie Foxx Disses ESPN’s Michael Smith Over A Katie Holmes Question

Jamie Foxx and Katie Holmes

The NBA All-Star Game brings out a throng of celebrities. The NBA has even enjoined them in the festivities to the point where the game does not even matter anymore. Jamie Foxx participated in the NBA All-Star Celebrity basketball game with the likes of Justin Bieber and Quavos of the rap group Migos. Why the Shock Exchange wasn’t invited is beyond him.

ESPN has also gone from simply covering sports to getting into politics and saying random things for ratings. Michael Smith interviewed Jamie Foxx before the game and the interview went well at first. Then everything went left once Smith inquired about Katie Holmes.

Michael Smith: We are joined now by my favorite entertainer, the one and only Jamie Foxx representing Team Clippers … How much did you prepare for this game?

Foxx: I’m always prepared man … all you gotta do is add water. As soon as you add water it’s crazy.

Michael Smith: I know you prepared because I saw pictures. Did you and Katie Holmes play basketball for Valentine’s Day … like some real “love and basketball?”

Foxx: Crickets

Michael Smith: Uh oh … did we lose him?

Michael Smith comes across as “from around the way” and too cool for school. He knows sports, politics, entertainment, etc. and his homeboys with everybody. That’s how cool Smith is or wants people to assume he is. Asking Jamie Foxx a personal question about Katies Holmes is particularly dicey, especially if you don’t know Foxx that well.

Foxx’s reaction clearly indicated that Smith did not know him well enough to ask him personal questions about who is dating or rumored to be dating. Foxx is clearly sensitive when it comes to Holmes. First of all, Holmes is the ex-wife of Tom Cruise, and Foxx and Cruize were co-stars on the blockbuster movie Collateral. Foxx played a taxicab driver in what I believe was one of his greatest roles. Cruise and Foxx were friends and had a professional relationship when Cruise and Holmes were still married. It is always dicey to get involved with your friend’s ex-wife – whom you might have only met through said friend. Just ask Derrick Fisher.



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