Starr of Complex’s Everyday Struggle once described DJ Akademiks as a trailblazer, and implored millennials not to their trailblazers die on the vine. Akademiks made his name online through is The War In Chiraq series where he tried to capture the travails of the Chicago drill music scene and the street beefs associated with it. Akademiks has the new young crop of rappers – ASAP Ferg, Lil Uzi Vert, Lil Pump, NBA Youngboy – on speed dial and he carved out a niche for himself through live streaming and Youtube.

He made it as a cultural critic and taste maker because he was chosen by the fans and not the industry. Rapper Cardi B is also winning because the former Love And Hip Hop star hasĀ  “the sauce.” She has number hits, a white hot relationship with Migos star Offet, and DJ Akademiks is riding hard for Cardi. At the 34 minute mark of Thursday’s Everyday Struggle Nadeska, Star and Akademiks discuss Cardi’s new Super Bowl commercial:

Nadeska: Cardi B is getting Super Bowl commercial checks. Just think about that.

Star: She deserves it. Great personality … great personality.

Akademiks: I love Cardi B so much ’cause she’s winning in mainstream America and she’s not compromising herself … When some doesn’t compromise herself and their true personality plays from their core audience to their mainstream audience they come off as humorous … fun they come off as someone entertaining … She’s tremendously talented and I root inside for her every single time … She is every creator who didn’t come up through the system. She is me. She is everyone else who didn’t get handpicked and pushed along the way because the people chose her. She is now making such an impact that it’s giving everyone hope … Every content creator – that’s you.

DJ Akademiks practically described Shock Exchange: How Inner-City Kids From Brooklyn Predicted the Great Recession and the Pain Ahead to the tee. It has taken the finance and economics world by storm and is the most-plagiarized book in the country. It has been plagiarized by Obama, the Senate Finance Committee, the House Ways & Means Committee and the Bank of International Settlements (BIS). The problem is that it was written by a black man and only a black man is making money from it. While the publishers who control the book industry push lesser-talented authors they are making money off of, Shock Exchange has all but been ignored by the populace. Critics try to make and unmake authors, but ultimately the market decides. Obama, President Trump, lawmakers and BIS have spoken, Shock Exchange runs the country and is arguably the most important book on economics since the Great Depression.



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