According to USA Today Milwaukee Bucks guard Sterling Brown was arrested and tased by Milwaukee police Thursday night:

Milwaukee police arrested and used a Taser on Milwaukee Bucks player Sterling Brown overnight Thursday.

State arrest records show Brown was arrested on a tentative misdemeanor charge of resisting or obstructing an officer. A law enforcement source also confirmed to the Journal Sentinel that Brown was arrested last night.

Milwaukee Police Department officials said a 22-year-old man was arrested about 2 a.m. Friday and “an electronic control device was deployed” during the incident.

A police spokesman did not name Brown but released the information in response to a Journal Sentinel reporter’s inquiry about an incident involving Brown.

The position of the police is that they were doing a routine business check at 2 a.m. Friday at Walgreens at the corner of S. 26th St. and W. National Ave. when they saw a vehicle parked across two handicap spaces. Officers spoke to a 22-year-old man about the situation and tased him during the incident and later arrested him.

The circumstances surrounding the incident are being reviewed by the Milwaukee police department. Radio suggested that the police were writing Brown a ticket when he became combative. Mayor Tom Barrett has spoken with police management and Bucks owner Peter Feigin about the incident. The begs the question, “If the incident rises to the level of the mayor then shouldn’t the police have used more discretion before getting into a physical altercation with Brown? Are the Milwaukee police so dumb as not to know who Sterling Brown is and how much money he and the Bucks bring to the city?”

Brown is a 6-foot-6 guard out of SMU who drafted by the Philadelphia 76ers. The Bucks signed him last summer. Brown, who displayed some bruises and marks on his face, said “It’s a personal issue I’m dealing with right now … It’s being handled. I’d appreciate if ya’ll would respect that right now.”

Police misconduct, particularly involving African Americans, have reached the American consciousness. With the technology to record interactions with police and the millions of blogs to report about on it, police misconduct can no longer be tolerated. The Milwaukee police wanted attention and now they have it.


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