Ralphie and his boys Daniel and Taylor have put in the work to help make Trump And The Global Economy a success. The next event will be February 6th in at South Oxford Space in Fort Greene from 6PM – 8PM. These guys do a lot of the dirty work that goes on behind the scenes. As a reward I promised to let them participate in the photo shoot and video with actor Chad L. Coleman to help promote the event. HBO’s The Wire and AMC’s The Walking Dead – yes that Chad L. Coleman. None of them believed I actually knew Chad.

When Ralphie and Daniel walked in Chad, the videographer and I were waiting for them. They chopped it up with Chad for a few minutes and then the video started. Ralphie had this look of horror on his face like he was about to enter the cypher with Eminem, Joe Budden. The video shoot was actually rather surreal. Coleman was sitting there with our the Shock Exchange Baller Boy hat on and holding a copy of our book, Shock Exchange: How Inner-City Kids From Brooklyn Predicted the Great Recession and the Pain Ahead. I was geeked!

Hanging With Chad L. Coleman Was Dope!

After the video shoot we took several photos and chopped it up again with Chad. We talked about the event and how I had just gotten sonned by former NBA great Mitch Richmond in Brooklyn a week earlier. Chad immediate broke down Richmond’s game and how he was one of the few guys who could give Michael Jordan “the business” back in the day. We learned about The Wire’s crazy fan base – there are people more crazy about The Wire than I am … go figure. We then realized that Ralphie, Daniel and Chad’s step-son had a lot in common – making beats and waxing poetic it up about music, film and culture.

Poor Daniel!

Poor Daniel … he has no idea what he will embark on when he comes to Brooklyn. During the last Trump And The Global Economy he was in the middle of street helping Coconut Rob chop up sugarcane with a machete … in the middle of the day … and it was all legal. Now he’s in a video with Chad L. Coleman spitting that heat on economics and politics. What a multi-tasker!

NBA Youngboy or Isaac Hayes For The Video?

Now the only thing left to decide is whether to choose NBA Youngboy or Isaac Hayes for the background music for the video. We rock with NBA Youngboy, but you can never go wrong with the instrumental for Hayes’ Do Your Thing. Decisions … decisions … Check out the photo gallery on the next page.


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