The AFC and NFC championship games are both being played today. In the NFC the Philadelphia Eagles take on the Minnesota Vikings, while the Jacksonville Jaguars face the New England Patriots in the AFC. All eyes will be on the Jaguars versus the Patriots. First of all, no one expected the Eagles or the Vikings to be around this time a year, and both teams go about their business with no trash talking. However, the Jaguars and the Patriots will be lit. The Jaguars get amped up over being disrespected and they talk hella reckless.

During warmups Jaguars star defensive back and Tom Brady exchanged words:

The entire sports world is glued to these two guys right now:

Jalen Ramsey yelled something at Brady after Brady took the field and Brady yelled something back before sprinting away.

I Love Jalen Ramsey, but Tom Brady is the absolute last person I would talk trash to. Tom is an assassin. You don’t need to give him extra motivation.

This matchup could define the game. Ramsey is uber-talented and has the confidence of youth. Tom Brady … is well … Tom Brady. He has five chips and three officials who at some point in the game will give him a call he doesn’t deserve which will turn the tide of the game.

Actor Chad L. Coleman will host Trump And The Global Economy February 6, 2018 in Brooklyn.

The panel will include Christopher Townley (land baron), Reverend Conrad Tillard (activist, WHCR 90.3 FM), Wuyi Jacobs (AfrobeatRadio) and Ralph Baker, author of Shock Exchange: How Inner-City Kids From Brooklyn Predicted the Great Recession and the Pain Ahead. The event will take place at South Oxford Space in Fort Greene, Brooklyn from 6PM – 8PM. Tickets are available on Eventbrite. Come early and bring friends.

Coleman is best known for his breakout role as Tyreese in The Walking Dead and Dennis ‘Cutty’ Wise in The Wire. He currently recurs on Syfy’s The Expanse and will star in Lifetime’s upcoming biopic Michael Jackson: Searching for Neverland set to premiere May 29. According to Ralph Baker he founded the event:

“We are excited to work with Chad to help spread the word about Trump And The Global Economy. These are trying times we live in and the community is dependent on artists like Mr. Coleman to continue to tell our stories through their music, film, plays, books, etc. Brooklyn has a Rich, vibrant, art community. We would love for the art world and the broader community come out to network and take in what the panel has to say.”

The town hall brings together a cross-section of individuals to discuss everything from President Trump’s policies on economics, immigration, and foreign affairs, to what his election says about America. Individuals on the front lines will bring you real information about the Trump administration that impacts the community.

Trump and the Global Economy hosted by actor Chad L. Coleman

The most recent Trump And The Global Economy town hall took place October 24th in Fort Greene. It Featured Professor Lance Brofman, Coconut Rob (Coconut Rob Smoothies), Mr. Jacobs and Mr. Baker. The event was well-received by the community. We parsed through President Trump’s proposed tax plan and high net worth individuals could potentially game the system by shifting income around. We discussed the pros and cons of technology on workers and the economy. How will the economy and country prosper under Trump’s leadership? What’s behind the verbal sparring with black athletes, ESPN’s Jemele Hill and North Korea’s Kim Jong Un?

The June 27 2017 event included Mr. Tillard, John McLaughin, who did the polling for President Donald Trump during his presidential election, Mr. Jacobs and Mr. Baker. Trump And The Global Economy is a quarterly event and is fast becoming the “must see” event in Brooklyn.

Live Stream Available February 6, 2018 At 6PM

Live stream for the February event is below. The live stream will be active February 6th at 6PM.




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