Alabama’s Bo Scarbrough Yells ‘F*ck Trump’ Before National Championship game

Alabama's bo scarbrough

Tonight the entire country is glued to the television to watch the Georgia Bulldogs take on the Alabama Crimson Tide for college football’s national championship. The Tide was fired up coming out of the locker room before the game. You could here someone say “F*ck him!” Then running back Bo Scarbrough yelled “F*ck Trump!”

There was speculation as to whether the president would actually attend the event. While there Trump’s every move was followed and ridiculed on social media. Trump seemed to stumble over parts of the National Anthem and Twitter questioned whether he actually knew the words.

Here is a video of Trump “singing” the National Anthem. He clearly doesn’t know the words, yet he thinks Colin Kaepernick is “a son of a bitch” for kneeling during that very anthem.

It’s pretty hard to argue with that logic. Then the president was booed as as he arrived for the game:

The president led the charge to cut taxes for the rich after they had already received $30 trillion in aid from the Obama administration. He has been popular with his donors and the investment class, but with the rest of the country … not so much. When you set policies that only help a small segment of society they you should expect to get booed.

On Trump And The Global Economy

Wuyi, Coconut Rob, Shock Exchange, Professor Brogman stunt for the ‘gram

Trump And The Global Economy Town Hall took place October 24th in Fort Greene. It Featured Professor Lance Brofman, Coconut Rob (Coconut Rob Smoothies), Wuyi Jacobs (AfroBeats Radio) and Ralph Baker, author of Shock Exchange: How Inner-City Kids From Brooklyn Predicted the Great Recession and the Pain Ahead.

The event was well-received by the community. We parsed through President Trump’s proposed tax plan and [i] how it was pure economic folly and [ii] high net worth individuals could potentially game the system by shifting income around. Apparently, Kansas Coach Bill Self did this when the state of Kansas cut taxes in the past. We discussed the pros and cons of technology on workers and the economy. How will the economy and country prosper under Trump’s leadership vis-a-vis Obama? What’s behind the verbal sparring with black athletes, ESPN’s Jemele Hill and North Korea’s Kim Jong Un?




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