Trump Hits Steve Bannon With Cease-And-Desist Letter


President Donald Trump brings the drama. The Shock Exchange would find it unusual if he did not. His war with former chief strategist Steve Bannon reached a fever pitch after his administration ordered Bannon to cease and desist from defaming him:

The rupture came after Mr. Bannon was quoted in a new book disparaging the president’s children, asserting that Donald Trump Jr. had been “treasonous” in meeting with Russians and calling Ivanka Trump “dumb as a brick.” Mr. Trump, described by his spokeswoman as “furious, disgusted,” fired back by saying that Mr. Bannon had “lost his mind.”

In a written statement, the president excoriated Mr. Bannon as a self-promoting exaggerator who had “very little to do with our historic victory” in the 2016 presidential election and was “only in it for himself.” Rather than representing Mr. Trump’s hard-core political base or supporting his agenda to “make America great again,” Mr. Bannon was “simply seeking to burn it all down,” the president said.

Trump has been under attack from the democrats ever since taking office. Congressman John Lewis and Congresswoman Maxine Waters, amongst others, have beat the drums of a Russia collusion that help Trump fell Hillary Clinton. The allegations have yet to be proven; a break in the dam may have occurred last month after former Trump national security advisor Michael Flynn agreed to tell the FBI what had happened:

Former Trump national security adviser Michael Flynn pleaded guilty Friday to lying to the FBI about conversations with Russia’s ambassador and disclosed that he is cooperating with the special counsel’s office.

Flynn is the first person inside President Donald Trump’s administration to be reached by special counsel Robert Mueller’s probe. The developments are a sign that the investigation is intensifying, and details revealed Friday provide the clearest picture yet of coordination between Flynn and other Trump advisers in their contact with Russian officials to influence international policy.

Flynn was he first person inside Trump’s inner circle the FBI successfully flipped. The FBI and the democrats need someone close to Trump to tell about what really happened with the Russians. Bannon could be the second person close to Trump to flip. Bannon helped craft Trump’s populist message that helped him become president. With Trump now in the White House there seems to be power play over who will take the credit for his stunning victory.

Prior to Bannon’s firing the opposition attempted to drive a wedge between Bannon and Trump. They often cited Bannon as the “real president” while Trump was his sidekick. Bannon apparently kept a tally of campaign promises versus the president’s success in accomplishing them. A rift was rumored to have occurred between Bannon the Trump children and the Goldman Sachs clan – Steve Mnuchin and Gary Cohn. The opposition won out. Bannon was fired in August and Trump has since abandoned his populist message. Trump has trumpeted the stock market – markets continue to hit new highs each week – and recent cut corporate taxes in a grab bag for the rich.

None of these moves will help spur the economy, and Trump and his advisors know it. This is effectively Barack Obama’s third term – stimulus for Trump’s donors and the wealthy, consultation with Goldman Sachs and diversions through war and talk of war around the globe. Bannon has waged war on Trump and wants to bring the White House down, while creating his own version of a republican party that can continue Bannon’s populist message. Helping Roy Moore defeat Luther Strange (Trump’s guy) for a senate seat in Alabama was Bannon’s first act of war. A pending tell-all book that describes Trump’s children and his relationship with the Russians could be his second. Trump values loyalty and is more than willing to clap back at dissidents. The Shock Exchange has a feeling this war will not end any time soon.


On Trump And The Global Economy

Wuyi, Coconut Rob, Shock Exchange, Professor Brogman stunt for the ‘gram

Trump And The Global Economy Town Hall took place October 24th in Fort Greene. It Featured Professor Lance Brofman, Coconut Rob (Coconut Rob Smoothies), Wuyi Jacobs (AfroBeats Radio) and Ralph Baker, author of Shock Exchange: How Inner-City Kids From Brooklyn Predicted the Great Recession and the Pain Ahead.

The event was well-received by the community. We parsed through President Trump’s proposed tax plan and [i] how it was pure economic folly and [ii] high net worth individuals could potentially game the system by shifting income around. Apparently, Kansas Coach Bill Self did this when the state of Kansas cut taxes in the past. We discussed the pros and cons of technology on workers and the economy. How will the economy and country prosper under Trump’s leadership vis-a-vis Obama? What’s behind the verbal sparring with black athletes, ESPN’s Jemele Hill and North Korea’s Kim Jong Un?



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