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Colin Kaepernick continues to make headlines off the field. GQ Magazine recently named him Citizen of the Year for his silent protests to bring attention on mass incarceration and state violence against African Americans. Apparently, the honor got former ESPN analyst Britt McHenry’s dander up:

McHenry goes on to list reasons why JJ Redick should have have gotten the award and the controversial things Kaepernick did that she did not agree with. Are arguments seem to be random musings. I honest do not know what makes her qualified to even speak on the subject other than the fact she has blonde hair and is on television. Apparently, being a T.V. personality is a catchall for intelligence.

Her first mistake is that she never defined [i] what would make someone Citizen of the Year or the criteria to disqualify him or her … McHenry simply states random facts that lead to nowhere. When she is in the presence of a group of guys who want to date her that those comments could be seen as insightful. Otherwise, they are “random facts that lead to nowhere.” Two parting shots on her musings:

The Gift Belongs To The Giver

Citizen of the Year Award was given to Kaepernick from GQ and the magazine’s criteria only needs to be understood by GQ, not McHenry. For instance, Shock Exchange: How Inner-City Kids From Brooklyn Predicted the Great Recession and the Pain Ahead is the most-plagiarized book in the country. It’s been plagiarized by President Obama, the Senate Finance Committee, House Ways & Means Committee and the Bank of International Settlements. It the most important book on economics since the Great Depression, yet it never won the National Book Award or Book Critics Circle Award. Those awards have been bought and paid for the the big publishing houses, but the criteria is not the Shock Exchange’s to decide.

The choice has definitely sparked a lot of controversy, gotten people talking and gotten people interested in GQ who don’t normally read the magazine – which was probably GQ‘s goal all along. Below is some insight into GQ‘s rationale:

In 2017, Colin Kaepernick is on GQ‘s cover once again—but this time it is because he isn’t playing football. And it’s not because he’s hurt, or because he’s broken any rules, or because he’s not good enough. Approximately 90 men are currently employed as quarterbacks in the NFL, as either starters or reserves, and Colin Kaepernick is better—indisputably, undeniably, flat-out better—than at least 70 of them. He is still, to this day, one of the most gifted quarterbacks on earth. And yet he has been locked out of the game he loves—blackballed—because of one simple gesture: He knelt during the playing of our national anthem. And he did it for a clear reason, one that has been lost in the yearlong storm that followed. He did it to protest systemic oppression and, more specifically, as he said repeatedly at the time, police brutality toward black people.

Kaerpernick act (kneeling during the Anthem) was a selfless act that has likely cost him his career. GQ obviously took that into consideration.

What Is Britt McHenry Campaigning For?

Britt sure has gotten opinionated all of sudden. The Shock Exchange saw her on a telecast a few weeks ago discussing Jemele Hill’s comments about President Trump. Other commenters kept their remarks specific to the profession of journalism while Britt came across as a conservative commentator. Pursuant to Kaepernick she takes a pro-police, pro-Anthem stance without even acknowledging Kaepernick’s rationale for kneeling. It’s almost as if she is campaigning for a high ranking position within the Republican party or for a gig as a political pundit. What her qualifications are beyond being blonde and on television are still unclear, however.

Trump And The Global Economy

Wuyi, Coconut Rob, Shock Exchange, Professor Brogman stunt for the ‘gram

The second installment of Trump And The Global Economy Town Hall took place October 24th in Fort Greene. It Featured Professor Lance Brofman, Coconut Rob (Coconut Rob Smoothies), Wuyi Jacobs (AfroBeats Radio) and Ralph Baker, author of Shock Exchange: How Inner-City Kids From Brooklyn Predicted the Great Recession and the Pain Ahead.

The event was well-received by the community. We parsed through President Trump’s proposed tax plan and [i] how it was pure economic folly and [ii] high net worth individuals could potentially game the system by shifting income around. Apparently, Kansas Coach Bill Self did this when the state of Kansas cut taxes in the past. We discussed the pros and cons of technology on workers and the economy. How will the economy and country prosper under Trump’s leadership vis-a-vis Obama? What’s behind the verbal sparring with black athletes, ESPN’s Jemele Hill and North Korea’s Kim Jong Un?




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