LeBron’s Dagger Over Porzingis Seals The Deal For Cavs


The Knicks put up a valiant effort through three quarters of Monday night’s game against the Cleveland Cavaliers at Madison Square Garden. They dominated the Cavs who are still waiting on injured point guard Isaiah Thomas to join the line up. The Cavs looked vulnerable, like they have all season. This is a team built for the playoffs and could simply be bored with the regular season. However, sans Kyrie Irving the Cavs simply might not be as good as they were in previous years. The formula to win a chip is to have a “big three” and sans Kyrie the Cavs appear to merely have a “big two.”

The Cavs got the Knicks best shot all night. I have a feeling the Cavs’ cloak of invincibility is no longer there. LeBron tried to bully Porzingis and rookie Frank Ntilikina, but Enes Kanter played the enforcer and brushed The Kang back. It took a furious rally in the fourth quarter – the Cavs hit 9 threes – to fell the Knicks. They outscored New York by 18 points in what is now the best comeback of the young NBA season. With just over a minute left it was The Kang squaring off against Porzingis – the present versus the NBA future – and The Kang put a dagger right in Porzingis’ eye to put the Cavs up by three.

The Cavaliers never looked back. Despite having their four-game winning streak snapped the Knicks have something to build upon. For the Cavs it’s onto another city to take on the next team’s best shot.


Trump And The Global Economy

Wuyi, Coconut Rob, Shock Exchange, Professor Brogman stunt for the ‘gram

The second installment of Trump And The Global Economy Town Hall took place October 24th in Fort Greene. It Featured Professor Lance Brofman, Coconut Rob (Coconut Rob Smoothies), Wuyi Jacobs (AfroBeats Radio) and Ralph Baker, author of Shock Exchange: How Inner-City Kids From Brooklyn Predicted the Great Recession and the Pain Ahead.

The event was well-received by the community. We parsed through President Trump’s proposed tax plan and [i] how it was pure economic folly and [ii] high net worth individuals could potentially game the system by shifting income around. Apparently, Kansas Coach Bill Self did this when the state of Kansas cut taxes in the past. We discussed the pros and cons of technology on workers and the economy. How will the economy and country prosper under Trump’s leadership vis-a-vis Obama? What’s behind the verbal sparring with black athletes, ESPN’s Jemele Hill and North Korea’s Kim Jong Un?





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