LeBron James – ‘Trump Using Sports As Platform To Divide Us’

LeBron together with the Cleveland community

After Steph Curry waffled over whether or not to visit the White House after winning the NBA Championship, President Trump rescinded the invite. I mean, who didn’t see that coming? “I’ll diss you before you ever diss me,” is Trump’s mantra. LeBron had a visceral reaction to Steph being slighted by Trump, and called Trump a “bum.” He later posted a video further explaining his tweet.

The Kang: I’m just a little frustrated because this guy that we have put in charge is trying to divide us once again. We know what happened with Charlottesville and the divide that caused. Now it’s hitting more home to me now because he is using sports as the platform to try to divide us. We all know how much sports brings us together … how much passion it has … how much we love and care … the friendships that it creates and for him to try to use this platform to divide us even more is not something I can stand for, and it’s not something I can be quiet about.

Shock Exchange Interpretation: Kang is very astute. Trump is using sports for a purpose. Trump’s speech in Huntsville, AL he was to rally the Republican base to help get junior Senator Luther Strange elected to the U.S. senator position vacated by Jeff Sessions. Trump used the opportunity to chastise “Rocket Man” Kim Jong Un and to remind voters that he would keep America safe from a threat – Rocket Man – that Trump has obviously escalated. Pursuant to players who disrespect the flag, Trump implored owners to “get those son of bitches” off the field and tell them “You’re fired!”

Trump knew the language would get the attention of the median. He also knew it would trigger the players. At the end of the day Trump needs to deliver jobs and economic growth – what people voted him into office for – or his base will turn on him. The President has wasted precious time trying to repeal Obamacare and talk up tax cuts that will only help the wealthy. If you cannot do your day job – create job growth and economic prosperity – getting your based fired up over black players dishonoring the flag and our country is the next best thing.

The Kang: You look at him asking the NFL owners to get rid of players off the field because they are exercising their rights … that’s not right. When I wake up I see a colleague of mine has been uninvited from something he said he doesn’t want to go to in the first place – the White House – that’s just something I just can’t stand for … We’ve got Jemele Hill and Colin Kaepernick and all these people are speaking up … it’s for the greater cause … it’s for us to all come together. It is not about dividing. We as the American people need to come together even more stronger.

Shock Exchange Interpretation: Kang is right. We do need to come together as a country. However, Trump did not create the problem he speaks of – a divide in America – Trump is a symptom of the problem. The $30 trillion in aid handed out during the Obama administration was the biggest transfer of wealth in the history of this country. It all went to his donors and the investor class, and it divided the country between the haves and the have nots. The country is tired of politicians who are slaves to corporate lobbyists. Americans wanted a change and so they elected Trump. Whether he will stick to the populist message that got him elected remains to be seen.

Trump needs a new narrative – threats against our country from North Korea, threats against our democracy and American values from black athletes – and by reacting to everything tweet or speech is gives to purposely trigger athletes is playing into his hands.


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