NBA champion Kevin Durant

The U.S. is a powder keg and President Trump is right in the middle of it. Our mercurial commander-in-chief is no stranger to controversial and he has as many detractors as supporters. Golden State Warriors’ and NBA champion Kevin Durant is one of those detractors. During his homecoming parade in his home state of Maryland, Durant and a reporter had the following exchange pursuant to Trump:

Reporter: A lot of players have been vocal about Trump lately.

Durant: Yeah. Hell yeah … that’s how it’s supposed to be. We don’t f*ck with him.”

The president and his staff have engaged in a number of policies that have drawn the ire of African Americans. First of all, the Republican party has attempted to remove all vestiges of former President Barack Obama’s regime. They have tried to end Obamacare, not because it has not bee effective, but simply because it was associated with Obama. The irony is that Trump’s constituents do not even care about removing Obamacare, and many of them depend on Obamacare to survive. Trump’s attempts have been futile so far, and his administration has not shown an understanding on Obamacare or provided a viable replacement.

Obamacare could end up being Trump’s “Waterloo” – he has looked silly and inept in attempting to replace it, and parts of his economic agenda – infrastructure investing and tax cuts – have gone lacking. Trump’s base cares deeply about his ability to create jobs. The downside of electing him has been the vitriol coming from his office and the unpredictability in his dealings with the media, his staff and other world leaders. The upside – his ability to create jobs has been non-existent so far. If the president cannot get the country moving again then he is done. The American people will likely move on from him.

Trump’s education secretary – Betsy Devos – has attempted to invoke school choice amongst public school. While vouchers and additional school options might sound cool, they are a veiled attempt to segregate public schools. When Prince Edward County, VA high school students challenged separate and unequal schools in the 1950s, Virginia governor Harry Byrd countered with a separate private school for white kids and black kids. When the kids rejected the idea, the state closed public schools for blacks and offered a private school for whites. The public schools remained closed to blacks for five years.

RR Moton High Schools Students defied VA governor Harry Byrd and changed the nation

The public schools were finally reopened in 1965. In 1966 Harry Byrd who had ruled Virginia politics for 40 years resigned from office. He died one year later. Ralph Baker’s Shock Exchange: How Inner-City Kids From Brooklyn Predicted the Great Recession and the Pain Ahead, chronicled how his parents defied Byrd, fought to get the schools reopened and made history. Betsy Devos’ school choice nonsense is simply a veiled attempt to return to separate and unequal public schools.

Not to be outdone, Trump’s Attorney General Jeffrey Beauregard Sessions has attempted to bring back mandatory minimum sentencing laws. Such laws have attributed to the mass incarceration the U.S. has experienced and put millions of non-violent criminals – particularly African Americans – behind bars for a very long time. Sessions has not been able to prove how mandatory minimum sentences deter drug use or drug trafficking, but that has not stopped him from pushing forward. If Beauregard is successful then millions more blacks will likely be locked up – this appears to be the point anyway.

That said, if President Obama had bailed out the people instead of bailing out the Wall Street elite, hedge fund managers and venture capital firms then maybe Trump never would have been elected. We asked for Trump and now we’ve got him. Just saying …



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