The opioid epidemic has dominated the 24-hour news cycle for the past four years. Drug overdose deaths have surpassed car accidents pursuant to accidental deaths. Drug overdose deaths were exacerbated by a spike in opioid-relate drug overdoses. Fentanyl has been so prevalent in overdose deaths that the CDC started tracking fentanyl-related drug overdoses separately. The prevailing theory was (1) the spike in opioid prescriptions coincided with runaway overdose deaths so (2) cutting prescriptions would sharply reduce drug overdose deaths.

Donal Trump threw down the gauntlet as president. He was highly critical of opioid drug manufacturers. He wanted to shed more light on their role in the opioid crisis. The rise in prescription opioids has drew the attention lawmakers across the country. Opioid prescriptions were 219 million in 2011; this was nearly triple the number reported 20 years earlier despite the fact the level of pain felt by Americans may not have increased proportionately. Others believed opioid manufacturers may have aggressively marketed these drugs to doctors without properly describing the risk.

After cutting opioid prescriptions, punishing doctors and opioid manufacturers, drug overdose deaths continue to rise. According to the CDC, drug overdose deaths in 2021 were nearly 108,000, up 15% Y/Y. This represented another record. It all begs the questions, “What will it take to stem drug overdose deaths and do policymakers have the constitution or the wherewithal to do anything about it?

Trump And The GE: Drug Overdose Deaths, Tulsa Mass Shooting, Saturday June 11, At 10:15AM

Trump And The GE, along with Dr. Jay Joshi, will parse through the recent drug overdose death statistics, what they mean and what comes next. We will also discuss the recent mass shooting in Tulsa, Oklahoma. The media has portrayed the incident as a “gun control” issue. However, it could be one of the knock-on effects of the strict rollback in opioid prescriptions and pain management measures.

Access The Show

You are more than welcome to participate as an audience member and ask questions during the event. We use the Riverside platform. The audience can access the show (1) via Google Chrome or (2) the Riverside app for those who want to use a mobile device. Click the following link to access the show ——-> Drug Overdose Deaths And Tulsa Mass Shooting


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