The democratic party is in shambles right now. The republicans took Virginia in a landslide earlier this week. Glenn Youngkin defeated Terry McAuliffe in the governor’s race, Jason Miyares defeated Mark Herring in the Attorney General’s race and Winsome Sears defeated Hala Ayala in the Lieutenant Governor’s race. The democrats and the corporate media are looking for ways to put a spin on why the democrats lost Virginia less than a year after Biden took the state. However, former president Barack Obama played a major part in the landslide; he showed up to stump for McAuliffe, sealing Youngkin’s victory. The Shock Exchange questioned, why McAuliffe or any other politician would want to be seen in public with Obama:

Why in the world would McAuliffe – or any other politician – be seen in public with Barack Obama? The American people went for the red card a few years ago. They see through Obama and clearly, do not want any parts of him or anyone associated with him.

Apparently, Nevada Attorney General Aaron Ford decided to answer that question. Last night Ford posted a picture of him shaking hands with Obama and how Obama’s election was “one of the most pride-filled moments of my life.”

Ford went on about how Obama was elected the first black president in 2008, and so on and so forth. The Shock Exchange isn’t sure of what exactly got Ford’s dander up. Was it the fact that Obama helped turn Virginia red again? Maybe it was the Shock Exchange article detailing how Ford’s decision not to sign onto the $26 billion opioid settlement could cost Nevada $240 million.

Moreover, the Shock Exchange predicted both occurrences before they happened. He predicted Obama made Youngkin Virginia’s next governor as soon as Obama arrived. The Shock Exchange also predicted it would be difficult for Ford (and others) to win a public nuisance claim against opioid manufacturers for selling legal drugs. California Judge Peter J. Wilson recently ruled that opioid manufacturers cannot be held liable for the opioid epidemic – as expected. A cascade of opioid settlements could now be on the horizon.

If Ford feels differently about Virginia, opioids or other matters, he should stop sneak dissing the Shock Exchange on Twitter and appear on Trump And The GE and engage the Shock Exchange face-to-face.



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