Haitian immigrants chased down in Texas

The global economy has been in a state of turmoil since the Financial Crisis of 2008. The U.S. is considered a safe haven in many ways. Assets have flowed into the U.S. economy from foreigners looking to park funds in a safer economy climate than they could find abroad. That inured to the benefit of U.S. financial markets. Immigrants also flocked to the U.S., looking for more opportunity and a better quality of life than they could get in their homelands. Where to house migrants from Mexico was a key issue during the Obama and Trump administrations. Now the national news media is fixated on the treatment of potential Haitian immigrants at the Texas border:

Border agents on horseback chased down migrants illegally crossing the border into the United States to try and join a camp of more than 15,000 immigrants in an isolated Texas town.

Haitian migrants are pleading with Joe Biden not to deport them after being stopped at the United States-Mexico border – as more than 300 returned home on the first flights on Sunday.

The United States Border Patrol began removing groups of mostly Haitian migrants from a makeshift camp more than 15,000 immigrants set up in an isolated Texas town over the weekend.

On Saturday, the Department of Homeland Security announced it moved about 2,000 of the migrants from an encampment beneath a bridge in Del Rio, Texas to other locations for processing and possible removal from the United States.

The statement said it would have 400 Border Patrol agents and officers in the area by Monday morning and would send more if necessary.

By Sunday, nearly 330 Haitians were deported to Port-au-Prince on three flights from the United States. 

A U.S. official revealed to the AP on Friday that they would likely send five to eight flights of migrants out per day in the coming week.

Del Rio, is located about 145 miles west of San Antonio. The Haitians were gathered there in tents after the Mexican cartels allowed them to pass through. Border agents, on horseback, rode roughshod over the Haitian immigrants. Several were lassoed over even whipped by the by border agents in an attempt to round them up and ship them back to their homeland. The images were horrific. The media compared images of Haitians being whipped and chased down on horseback with the images of slavery. The media and black politicians were relatively silent on the treatment of the Haitians, but some are started to speak up. Hundreds of Hatians were sent back to Haiti on flights and thousands more are expected to be returned.

Haiti dominated the news cycle decades ago when they were denied immigration status after several immigrants from European countries were allowed to enter. These events could force the Biden administration to officially declare that it wants to limit entry of people from the Caribbean to the U.S. It also raises questions as of fairness. If when open our borders to everyone else then should be not open our borders to the Haitians as well?


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