The opioid crisis continues to dominated the national consciousness. It has become so important the Trump And The Global Economy (“Trump And The GE”) decided to do a show specifically to address the crisis. The quarterly speaker series parses President Trump’s policies and how they impact the country and community. Trump And The GE Parses The Opioid Crisis was that heat. Cultural critic, Jemele Hill, even co-signed the event. After the death of Juice Wrld, Hill called for a public discussion about the opioid crisis. However, Trump And The GE had already delivered.

Torian Mitchell believe anarchy is upon us. Whether we are talking about the opioid crisis or the lack of job opportunities, around the world people are fighting back. It’s only a matter of time before that anarchy metastasizes to the U.S. Around the five minute mark of the above video, Mitchell explains his position:

Shock Exchange: The people who should be looking out for the public … economists or policymakers … nobody’s looking out for the public. There has to be something that’s gonna wake people up and the only thing I can think of would be some type of social unrest or anarchy.

Mitchell: It’s happening as we speak in places like Cameroon, Togo, South Africa, Haiti, Bolivia, Chile, Hong Kong where people are fighting back. When we look at actual revolutions I look at Haiti because Haitians are the original revolutionaries … for over a year and they’ve gotten very little coverage in the U.S., that nonstop – almost the entire population in Haiti – has been fighting against the government because this government that’s currently in power is not for the people.

At some point it can’t be everybody’s wrong and these 12 people are right. It can’t be …  we all can’t be equally idiots and just don’t see … it will take that type of catalyst (anarchy) before we see some change because otherwise we’re just a group of guys chatting.

Donald Trump getting elected president was likely a signal that the country wanted change. It was likely an angry censure against the democratic party that was printing money and giving it to Wall Street, private equity firms, et al. Trump appears boxed in – either continue the strategy of pumping up asset prices or risk another recession. The economy has likely peaked and recession appears on the horizon, regardless of actions from Trump or the Fed. The asset bubble will likely pop either from the end of easy money or anarchy. Stay tuned …


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