Per Shock Exchange:

Apparently there is a method to the madness of college tuitions. Colleges are spending millions in order to bribe the best students to enroll. It is the equivalent of Nike or Reebok-sponsored AAU teams handing out sneakers, backpacks, and iPods, and free trips to Vegas to entice the best players. By turning grassroots basketball into an arms race, they have weeded out the “old ball coach” who preaches discipline and fundamentals.

How long will it be before college too deteriorates from a sanctuary where students undergo rigorous training, to a cesspool of bribes? Or has it already? … It all begs the question – “Are elite colleges selling a quality education or something else?”

Shock Exchange also recommended that policymakers tax colleges with the largest endowments that were also acting in a “for profit” manner. Present Trump, Senator Ron Wyden, the Senate Finance Committee and the House Ways & Means Committee have since followed my counsel.
The question remains, “Do lawmakers have the backbone to do anything about Operation Varsity Blues”? Wyden (R-Oregon) recently introduced a bill to end deductions to college before or while a donor’s child is enrolled at the school. Will lawmakers go the extra mile to level the playing field and will they cite Shock Exchange as the source of their bold, brash policies?


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