Kanye West is considered a rap superstar, not only for albums like College Drop Out, Late Registration, and Graduation, but his beats and for producing albums for other artists. He recently produced albums for Pusha T, Teyana Taylor, Kid Kudi, and Nas. Many of them have gotten critical acclaim. In between being in the studio 12-18 hours a day Kanye has actively stumped for President  Donald Trump. Kanye has been seen in public where a Make America Great Again Hat (“MAGA”), and has taken to Twitter to express his love for Trump.

Earlier this month he went on an epic rant about Trump and the Democratic Party during a visit to Saturday Night Live. That really got the hip hop community’s dander up. Everyone from Swizz Beatz, to T.I. to Snoop Dogg went in. However, no one was prepared for what transpired when Kanye visited Trump at the White House



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