Trump And The Global Economy (“Trump And The GE”) had its fifth installment earlier this month. The event featured Missouri State Representative Maria Chappelle-Nadal and Professor Lance Brofman. A major point of contention was the riots in Charlottesville from a year ago. The riots over the removal of Robert E. Lee’s statue left Heather Heyer dead and several injured after James Alex Fields, Jr. drove a Dodge Charger into the crowd. The images of the alt-right, KKK, men with tiki torches and assault rifles left the entire country at a loss for words. President Trump, in particular, took a big loss over the incident. He said there were “good people on both sides” which left many in the country speechless, and enraged others.

Trump And The GE was at odds over whether Charlottesville was a “false flag” or a tippling point. We will let you decide.


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