Steph Curry On Trump Targeting Pro Athletes: ‘That’s Not What Leaders Do’


The tete-a-tete between President Trump and professional athletes will likely dominate the news cycle this week. Steph Curry waffled on whether to accept an invitation to visit the White House. My impression is that the President’s comments on Charlottesville earlier this summer riled a lot of people up. Trump refused to condemn the behavior of the Alt-right, exclaiming there were “good people on both sides.” LeBron James went so far as to say, Trump made hate fashionable. Trump’s comments were likely the fuel to cause Steph and some of his Warriors teams to decline Trump’s invitation after winning the NBA chip this year.

Never to take a slight light, the President rescinded Curry’s offer Saturday:


In a “I will break up with you before you break up with style,” Trump dissed Curry before Curry could diss him. After a Warriors workout Saturday Steph was bombarded by the media for a response. Curry said he awoke to about 30 text messages applauding him for sticking to his guns. Ever the diplomat, Curry was careful with his words. He feigned surprise that Trump would mention him specifically, and took and “aw shucks” attitude to being a political figure in America.

Under Armour CEO Kevin Plank resigned from Trump’s business council after Trump’s remarks on Charlottesville. It does not take a Rhodes Scholar to figure out that since Trump’s remarks likely triggered Steph – Under Armour’s biggest endorser – that a stand against Trump was also a stand for Curry. The gesture was also best for Plank and Under Armour’s bottom line. Curry would still have us believe he’s not a political figure … really?

Curry: It was kind of surreal to be honest I don’t know why he feels the need to target certain individuals rather than others. I have an idea of why. It’s just kind of beneath the leader of a country to go that route. That’s just not what leaders do. We have amazing people in this league that have spoken up on both sides of the conversation. The amount of support and encouragement I saw this morning around the league was unbelievable … from what LeBron said, from what CP said, from CJ McCollum … it was amazing to see all these guys rally around each other.

We’re not trying to divide and separate this country. We’re trying to bring everybody together.

Shock Exchange Interpretation: Curry practically said “Trump is not a leader” in a slick way. Curry does this on and off the basketball court as well … “sneak dissing” opponents and when the clap back comes, he gives that “Who me?” expression. He can now expect another clap from Trump.

Curry: I played golf with President Obama. I’m pretty sure I won’t get a tee time invite during this regime.

Shock Exchange Interpretation: Curry is exactly right. He won’t get a tee time from Trump. Hesitating on visiting the White House is one thing, but referencing his relationship with Obama, and outwardly showing love for Obama is bound to get Trump’s dander up even further. Obama was big on symbols – showing love to pro athletes, entertainers and blacks in the media. Behind the scenes he and the Fed handed out $30 trillion in stimulus – all to white Americans in the investor class:

In my opinion, the true output of the U.S. economy has been masked by record low interest rates. There has been only one rate hike in nearly a decade. There is even a school of thought that says by keeping rates low and asset prices high, the Federal Reserve is protecting the President. Until the Fed normalizes rates we may never know the true economic output of he economy. Such normalization may not occur until Mr. Obama leaves office, which makes his claims of having saved the economy ring hollow. While millions of Americans live paycheck to paycheck, in Mr. Obama’s own words, hedge fund managers have become lottery winners during his regime. That will likely be his true legacy — a loyalist to the monied class — the complete opposite of FDR.

However, Curry and other athletes suggest Obama was inclusive because he “included them” and gave them shine. Behind the scenes he acted like a corporate spokesman for Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, venture capitalist and private equity firms – the types of companies presidents want to work for when they leave office.

Obama and the Fed picked the winners and it will eventually tear this country apart. The U.S. is a powder keg right now and Charlottesville is likely the tip of the iceberg. When the economy turns down – and it will – Trump will be left holding the bag.

Curry: My wife this morning took the opportunity to shed the some light on the real serious issues … 3 million people not having power in Puerto Rico and Mexico … what’s going on there with the earthquakes there … All this attention and the spotlight … shedding light on some the real serious issues going on in our world. Hopefully some good comes out of that.

Shock Exchange Interpretation: Well said.

Curry: (Turn of events that hardened ) With him talking in Alabama about the NFL guys making peaceful protests that are not in any way disrespecting veterans and the flag … and the National Anthem … He takes his opportunity to bash these people, and almost try to threaten them and their job security … I commend and applaud everybody who spoke up.

Shock Exchange Interpretation: The athletes protesting and bringing attention to inequality, police brutality, racial profiling and the killing of unarmed civilians by the police should be applauded. All of black America is proud that athletes are willing to take risks and use their platform(s) to help bring about change. African Americans now live in a police state that was created by lawmakers – Democrats and Republicans – who needed to perpetuate fear of crime and drug trafficking in order for the lawmakers to justify their being elected and staying elected.

The flip side is if you do not stand for the flag or National Anthem there will be some blow back from the powers that be. One only has to look at what the media and the nation did to Mahmoud Abdul Rauf, form NBA player in the ’90s, to see how quickly America will turn on you. No other country would allow it and it would be naïve to think it will happen in the U.S. without any consequences. This appears to be a test of wills – athletes who refuse to stand for the flag versus Trump and others who view the gesture as an affront.

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