White supremacists rallied in Charlottesville, VA this weekend to protest the removal of a statue of Robert E. Lee from Emancipation Park. Members of the Alt-Right, KKK, anti-protestors and Black Lives Matter. Clashes turned so violent that Governor Terry McAuliffe was forced to issue a state of emergency to quell the growing conflict. Then things got real. Amid the clashes a white terrorist plowed a Dodge Charger into the crowd of protestors, injuring several and killing at least one person:

In the midst of the protest, a Dodge Charger mowed down dozens of peaceful marchers assembled in the area, with authorities responding to the incident. A spokesperson for the University of Virginia Hospital cited one death and at least 19 injured.
Michael Signer, the city’s mayor, first announced via Twitter that the collision resulted in at least one death. He urged everyone to “go home,” in a bid to defuse the tension.

The Dodge Charger attacked without warning, driving into the crowd at 30 – 40 miles an hours. Bodies flew as the terrorist hit two parked car before speeding off. We now understand that the driver is now in custody. Chatter on social media suggests that the attack was definitely intentional. Now it is up to authorities to determine if the attack was intentional and if is will be viewed as an act of terrorism.

If a Muslim had driven a car into a crowd of people in France or London, then it would definitely have been viewed as a terrorist attack. Virginia was the last state in the South to end slavery. According to the book, Shock Exchange: How Inner-City Kids From Brooklyn Predicted the Great Recession and the Pain Ahead, slavery did not end in the Virginia until public schools were integrated in Prince Edward County, VA in 1964. Virginia was the last southern state to integrate the schools, ending a custom of slavery that governor Harry Byrd and others benefited from. That said, racial terrorism is part of the state’s history.

President Trump Weighs In

President Trump condemned the violence, saying there was no place for hateful conflict in America:

President Donald Trump condemned escalating violence at a rally of white supremacists in Virginia, saying there was “no place” for hateful conflict in America as a vehicle appeared to deliberately ram into demonstrators … Vice President Mike Pence echoed the president’s plea for calm, saying that the United States “is greatest when we join together & oppose those seeking to divide us.”

Many have tried to lay the blame for violent clashes on President Trump himself. His presidential campaigns were racially charged, and appealed to the animal spirits of millions of white Americans. The slogan, “Keep America Great Again,” was interpreted by Trump’s opponents as, “Keep America White Again.” The theory goes Trump’s vitriolic campaign awoke racial animus that had been present in the belly of Americans for years. “Every racist in America voted for Trump,” so the theory goes.

Trump’s opponents view his assault on Obamacare and Affirmative Action and his attempt to deport millions of immigrants as an assault on minorities and the poor. While such rhetoric could potentially help the Democrats ease the pain of losing the White House, it does not explain Hillary Clinton poor showing among women, African Americans and in traditional democratic states. At the end of the day, some people received bailouts from the Obama Administration and benefited from the “wealth effect” orchestrated by central bankers Janet Yellen and Ben Bernanke; others did not. Those left out could eventually storm the Bastille, if they don’t destroy each other first.

I doubt we have heard the last of hateful conflict in the South. Signs of next recession Shock Exchange predicted is among us and people are in pain. Millions of Americans have taken to drug use to ease that pain. Earlier this week President Trump called the opioid crisis a national emergency, and pledged to bring aid and attention to the matter. While Wall Street, real estate developers and hedge fund managers received $30 trillion in aid from Obama, the rest of the country have to rely on Xanax, Oxycodone, Morphine and Methadone to ease the pain of the Financial Crisis.

A combination of opioids, attempts to erase southern history all wrapped around a double dip recession sounds like a powder keg. Chants of “You will not replace us,” and “Jew will not replace us” were here coming from Emancipation Park Friday. I anticipate more social unrest, unchecked emotion and pain for the country.






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